Mother Africa , as Senghor called the cradle of humanity. Land of tolerance and forgiveness despite the wounds of history , she was able , through the centuries, to ensure harmonious coexistence between religions and beliefs. Today, Africa affirms its willingness to participate in the universal expansion with its values ​​of friendship and peaceful coexistence.


Beyond ethnic and local differences , there is a model of African citizenship , solidarity , which has never wavered. Its historical and privileged links , Europe has an important role to play in contributing to the affirmation of Africa entered a new dynamic interrelational with the rest of the world.


Despite great cultural diversity , Africa expresses its dynamism in three major European languages, French , English and Portuguese that allow it to be part of a broader process of regional and continental integration that Europe has the duty to assist . The Organization of African Unity (OAU) , Community Development (SADC ) , the Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa ( UEMAP ), the Economic Community of the ' West Africa (ECOWAS ), the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa ( OHADA) and many others are all examples of the desire to develop effective tools built on the model European .


National consciousness is now firmly established , Africa is committed to common political programs transcending cultural and ethnic differences and contribute to the emergence of a new African citizenship inspired by the model of European integration.


Promoters Eurafrica advocate for African citizenship open clan and ethnic constraints , future-oriented , open to Europe and the world through the traditional virtues of dialogue , openness and tolerance , and to Europe conscious of its historical responsibilities is committed to sharing its benefits with African youth in a partnership for the benefit of each other .


Eurafrica advocates the strengthening of civil society in Africa and the spread of new social, economic , industrial and technological approaches to foster the emergence of a true universal brotherhood.