Globalization is the global phenomenon where the interpenetration of cultures as a global mestizo society . The mutual influence of civilizations in contact will a new cohesion mankind producing universalized values ​​.


The promotion and encouragement of cultural, artistic and intellectual manifestations oriented highlighted the social structures of different communities will support the advance of universal consciousness .


Multicultural meetings Eurafrica be places of understanding each other and acceptance of its values ​​as essential elements of the heritage of humanity. Interactive approaches and discuss ideas for the emergence of based on tolerance and respect for political, economic and cultural rights of all reports.


The objective of the International Association will bring communities through the promotion of the universal values ​​of the future global village. Collective behavior will be directed towards the cultural mix and solidarity action if each other strive to highlight shared beliefs and ways of acting in common.


Cultural exchanges , initiatory journeys , artistic variations and representation of the other will be the main themes of EurAfrican multicultural encounters .