The advent of a resolutely democratic multicultural society can not take place in the discrimination and denial of the other.


" In terms of racism , intransigence must be the rule , there are no compromises when possible tolerance, respect for others , human dignity is at stake ..."


These words of French President Jacques Chirac on the occasion of the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights are eloquent. Gender equality is a prerequisite for universal brotherhood.


Despite the rhetoric and conscious human individual legislative framework , the African community faces daily social discrimination and intolerance . Red tape , exclusion and lack of material resources are the preserve of foreign communities.


Developers propose to identify and record African expertise for social peace and the successful integration depend on the contribution of all communities involved in the development of host countries.


The unification of the labor market will Eurafrican effective promotion of equal opportunities . In the European Union, eighteen million people are looking for a job while Africa needs the expertise of Europe.


Eurafrica seek to develop employability projects across Africa, for young Europeans , in Europe for African youth. Raising awareness to potential beneficiaries, employers and social partners will know the reciprocal opportunities of employment.


Home , training, guidance , supervision and support are both sides the way to promote an interactive approach to progress. If Africa offers great personal fulfillment young European prospects , Europe is for young African link all learning for the benefit of their countries.


In a comprehensive approach , the International Association encourage the creation of multicultural businesses where communities can express their expertise. It will also continue the mission of helping Africans looking for a job in Europe and the preparation of their return to Africa in the context of interactive co-development projects .


Eurafrica also ensure in collaboration with many organizations defending the rights of minorities in community welfare in compliance with the laws of their host country.