Since 1990 , the democratization of African political institutions have emerged new players who knew better than professional politicians , the real issues of society. National conferences in Benin, Madagascar , Congo, Mali, Zaire and elsewhere, civil society is everywhere asserted as a driving force , anxious to defend the right of citizens to prosperity.


Associations, churches, village communities, business associations , trade unions and non-governmental organizations supported by careful base proposed innovative solutions. Strong media coverage of debates and popular enthusiasm , men and women determined opposed across the old politicians habits.


In each African country , a genuine civil society is playing a leading role . Many dynamic associations compensate deficiencies States through outreach .


If associational life does not benefit from the representation given by universal suffrage , the fact remains that civil society is everywhere the engine of democratization and regional and continental economic policy integration .


Despite their dynamism and willingness to develop on their own , African civil societies are faced with the lack of commitment by Western partners or paternalism that does not take sufficient account of the capabilities of the new players.


Northern partners who provide much of the financing of associations practicing a one-way dialogue that often do not take into account local realities and regional specificities.


Eurafrica calls for African civil society to provide all the material and structural support necessary to give them the opportunity to be heard . Promoting training and access to new information technologies will be given the means to communicate silent actions that could be beneficial to Europe as the economic and financial cultural associations .


Proponents emphasize the need to identify all the energy and support the idea of ​​a resource center based in Brussels. Thanks to modern means of communication that structure may promote the mobilization and creativity Eurafrican networks , including the European institutions and investors.