Globalization requires that the prosperity of nations is the subject of ongoing consultation for the poverty of some threatens the growth of all . Poverty and conflict waving Africa make Europe an outlet misery. Increasingly numerous economic and political refugees seeking asylum to living conditions increasingly difficult in their country of origin.


Europe can not welcome the misery of the world, but the establishment of a repressive arsenal to deter the establishment of asylum seekers is not the right solution . It is investing around the fundamental rights of the human person that Europe can effectively fight against migration that accompanied the rise of the extreme right and intolerance .


In 2025 Africa will have nearly a billion and a half people and prospects of economic growth are everywhere thwarted by ethnic and military conflicts. If nothing is done in time to give Africa the means of peaceful development and respect for human rights , Europe will soon be facing a massive invasion that it can cope .


Eurafrica advocate with European policy makers to ensure that any structural support necessary for the development of Africa it is made ​​so that the advent of democratic societies allow the free development of his forces . Everyone can understand that support dictatorships today is a factor of destabilization future of Europe.


Real solidarity between states will be the basis for peaceful coexistence . The establishment of structures of advice and support will be needed to help the return of foreign students as well as support for skills training for asylum seekers during the period of review of their records.


Tolerance , sharing, generosity, but also firmness and law enforcement will be the topics discussed during meetings, seminars and inter debates.