Eurafrica is an international social movement , peaceful and apolitical , launched by young entrepreneurs, executives and intellectuals Africans and Europeans who want to improve and develop sustainable relationships between Africa and Europe.


The emergence of new generations of African intellectuals who have not suffered from colonialism and European youth from a multicultural society allows to consider new forms of partnership and strengthen relations between Africa and Europe .


Without denying their traditions, these generations agree to pool their respective identities in the acceptance of the other as a source of enrichment and knowledge. Promoters Eurafrica advocate the emergence of a universal citizenship lying beyond the particularities in a spirit of tolerance, openness and mutual respect.


Aware that the neo-colonial and Africanist discourse of their elders no longer reflect current realities , the new African generation intends to go beyond reducing divisions and establish new European youth new forms of living together in a dynamic interaction .


The developers want to base relations of friendship and fraternity in respect and mutual understanding, not only as a partnership basis for economic and social development of Africa, but also to affirm the political influence , the diplomatic Europe in an international context increasingly difficult.


A responsible , consensual , pragmatic, interactive approach they propose to affirm and consolidate the spirit which animates them , as a basis for future relations between Africa and Europe in the III millennium, simply because they have a world to win ...