In the XXI century , advances in information processing as support knowledge dissemination will effectively disseminate necessary for the Least Developed Countries technologies. New computer technology already provide the promotion of knowledge with increased by networking the common heritage of humanity efficiency.


Eurafrica will focus on establishing effective communication between designers reconciled by trade communities. Because knowledge is the most important resource , the promoters will endeavor to make available all relevant information to each other.


The establishment of communication ports strengthen intersubjective and consensual dimension of the international association. Transparent discussion on the projects will be - in-common in the community of hearts and minds .


In economic terms, Eurafrica advocates the establishment of dynamic links between SMEs wishing to set up in Africa and local initiatives. Dissemination of information on a permanent investment opportunities and market opportunities will reduce development costs of projects.


The International Association will provide potential partners useful information for project development and selection of appropriate technologies . Centralization of the supply and demand for projects promote more rapid mobilization of local resources and inputs from various European countries . The approximation of European and African as well as the mobilization of their spiritual and cultural forces establish Métis logic using the resources of each other expertise.


Developers have undeniable advantages . By their knowledge of concrete situations of their respective countries and their daily involvement in various local levels , they are able to contribute to a better management of community issues and crisis prevention.