Good numbers of historians and sociologists agree that racism is rooted in the ideological justification of the slave trade which concealed and falsified the humanity of Black .


The West has accumulated wealth by using a free labor . This painful period of history was followed by colonization and the maintenance of the slave remains .


To ignore these historical truths and ignore racial prejudice arising will only result in strengthening among each other , a collective unconscious which manifests itself by the rejection of others and sterile assertion of reducing identities. Act for the better future of mankind , is to denounce the past, forgive and work together for the future of humanity.


These two large human communities that are Europe and Africa must know and accept their common past. Africa , the cradle of humanity, aims to strengthen feelings of brotherhood with Europe and this cradle of humanism, more manifest its commitment to supporting Africa on the path to prosperity .

The new radiation of European humanism at the meeting of African solidarity enables the establishment of an intercultural society . This company will not be multiracial and dominated by prejudice in a simple juxtaposition of folded in on themselves but conscious of its duties fraternity communities. The solidary humanism is the only way to fight everywhere against poverty, exclusion and the return of nationalism that accompany them.


Eurafrica proposes to organize intercultural encounters likely to promote a new perception of otherness.