The neo-liberal ideology makes a company focusing on individual routes to collective strategies.

Unlike the United States, Europe is trying to maintain a social model driven by a dynamic associative life. More and more citizens are looking for responsible involvement in collective action .


Policy can not provide simple answers to the increasingly complex problems of companies. Associational life helps identify problems and provide remedies are nearby .


Today, more than ever, it is necessary to think about the future in terms of reciprocity .


The universal civilization must be the expression of the respective shares of the common heritage , private enterprise and individual liberty must have meaning in the encounter between the individual and the community .


Solidarity, mutual dependence , must put human beings at the center of concerns.


By constantly promoting individual initiatives , European humanism at the meeting of African communities can strengthen African solidarity threatened by difficult economic conditions. In this exchange, in turn strengthen Africa Community dimension of Europe. This reciprocity transcending geographical boundaries expand different but complementary social cohesion .


Africa, the continent of solidarity can bring a lot to the building of the global community . In Africa you do not belong to the human being is perceived there as a being - with which is realized in participation. Freedom and equality are summed up in the collective action.


Eurafrica advocates learning new solidarities that will pave the way for economic and social development .