Excellencies , Members and European officials,

We honorable pleasure and confidence to write you this letter to tell you about the purpose of our trip and the suffering of us , children and youth in Africa . (...) That is why we children and young Africans ask you to make a big efficient organization for Africa to allow us to move forward. (...)

Yagouine Koita and Fode Tounkara , Conakry July 21, 1999

Monday 2 August 1999 Yagouine Koita and Fode Tounkara were found dead in Brussels , hidden in the landing gear of a Sabena plane from Conakry, bearer of this message

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Eurafrica is an international social movement , peaceful and apolitical , which is open to all Africans and Europeans who want to improve and develop sustainable relationships between Africa and Europe.

Africa and Europe have historical complementarities of their duty to strengthen to solve their problems and ensure the transformation of their societies towards globalization of exchanges Eurafrican community is that of a permanent collaboration due to geographical proximity of the two continents and an ever deeper mutual understanding .

The identification of many African wishes wishing to establish new forms of governance and cooperation with Europe is an urgent need to escape the economic and social stagnation Africa. In this dynamic, European youth will be needed to overcome the technological deficiencies in brotherhood and mutual respect.

Eurafrica will make every effort to solidify the axis of European and Developing Africa through partnerships for the benefit of all.

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Brussels, geographically located in the heart of Europe puts Belgium in a privileged situation. Its historic investment in Africa and the non- interventionist foreign policy are also a valued member of the African countries . Many African communities coexist peacefully in this Euro-African city that welcomes in particular the major political institutions of the European Union and the Secretariat of the ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) .

Business dynamism , availability of capital , exchange of ideas and near -makers are the assets available for Brussels lay the foundations of the Euro-African community.

It sometimes happens in history that a generation will be able to replace the human being and his dignity at the center of concerns , strategies and policies. That moment has arrived. It is up to us to decide if this promise is betrayed by repeated failures and lost opportunities , or if we will use our wisdom to realize itself .

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